Chapter 3081

The caretaker opened up the black scroll and announced the rules just like before. Most of it was irrelevant, and only the last part was important.

"The warrior's odds are one to four, and the beast's odds are one to two. The warrior has five minutes to choose the beast he'll face!"

Images of five beasts then appeared in the air. Fane raised an eyebrow, not looking at the beasts for the moment. After the odds were recited, the spectators were in an uproar again as noises filled his ears.

"I thought Arne's odds would be like Fane's, that it would be one to seven! I can't believe it's lowered by almost half. What is Beast City trying to do? Are they thinking that the chances of Arne winning are greater than Fane?"

"Don't just blindly speak when you don't get it. Do you think the caretakers are as stupid as you? The odds aren't just determined based on the skills of the warriors; it depends on our reactions as well. Hundred Beast City doesn't want one-sided bets. The high odds are to
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