Chapter 3082

They could not possibly enter the Whirling World relying solely on their skills. Yet, with those rules in place, the stronger warriors could bring a weaker alchemist with them, traversing the cities of the Whirling World.

Right after he figured that out, Arne made his choice on the stage as well. Of the five beasts in the air, he pointed at the one in the middle.

Fane was stunned when he looked at it. He had not looked at the five beasts earlier since he was wrapped up in his thoughts. Now that he looked over, Fane was surprised to notice that he only recognized one out of the five beasts, and the one Arne picked happened to be the one he recognized.

"It's a rockwind snake," he remarked.

Fane let out a snort as a hint of mockery flashed in his eyes. At that moment, the masked caretaker announced that the betting area would be opened. Everyone interested in placing bets could head over.

Fane silently stood up and brought Rudy to the betting area. Fane and Rudy both took out a milli
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