Chapter 3287

The warriors from Golden Continent were furious from being mocked, but there was nothing they could say. They had no way to retort, but it was just temporary. Very quickly after, they began to throw insults again.

A wandering warrior from Golden Continent said, "You were always just trash anyway! They're always some standouts among the trash, but it doesn't mean that you're no longer trash.

"Even all of you warriors from third-grade worlds added together wouldn't be as strong as Golden Continent. There's no point saying these useless things. Just look at the Red Sun Monument. Who left the most names on the monument?"

Most warriors could not even reach the four hundred and eighty meter mark at all. When they were at the end of their strength, they would carve the name of their continent where they stopped. Looking at it, the monument was filled with names from various worlds, but Golden Continent had the most.

From the lowest to the highest level, the other worlds had a lot fewer n
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