Chapter 3288

Lesley could no longer hear any of the discussions coming from below because he was just filled with fear at that moment as he looked at Fane's calm face. His hands started to shake, along with his entire body. He looked like he was about to faint at any moment. He slowly stood up and stared at Fane.

He coughed a few times before he summoned up the courage to say, "Fane! You were just pretending earlier to get us?"

Fane immediately laughed when he heard that. He had heard that argument very often. Clearly, Lesley was short-sighted, thinking that Fane would definitely be weak. When reality had proven otherwise, those people said he was acting.

Fane said in exasperation, "Have I ever said I was weak? Have I ever said I wouldn't be able to beat you two? I made everything so clear, but you thought I was bragging. You're the one who can't use your brains properly, and now you're saying I was pretending. Don't you think it's hilarious?"

Hearing that, Fane's expression had a piercing mock
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