Chapter 3289

Fane scoffed, "You really do think too highly of yourself. Do you think I didn't consider that before this? Since I've attacked the two of you, I've naturally already thought about this. Let me tell you honestly, Golden Continent is nothing to me. Where do you think this is?

"Even if you want to kill me, you'd need the skills to do so. With the rules in place, you can't just rush at me. You'd only be able to fight me alone, which leaves me with no worries. Alone, none of you are a match for me."

The moment he said that everyone took a deep breath. If Fane had not revealed his skills, the other warriors would have thought that Fane was crazy to say that.

However, there was nothing they could say after seeing Fane's actual skills. He did have the right to act so arrogantly.

The warriors from Golden Continent could not help but say, "He's only won once, and he's already forgotten his place? He says that no one can stand up against him from Golden Continent. He's too arrogant. Lesley
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