Chapter 3290

Lesley took a deep breath and retreated again, "Are you really planning on offending Golden Continent? As long as you stop now, everything can still be discussed. We can still smooth things out, and you won't have any trouble thrown at you."

Fane laughed, not caring about that at all. Lesley refused to give up. Things had ended too badly for Wilde. There was a bloody lesson right in front of him. Lesley did not want to die and did not want to be tortured. As long as there was a sliver of hope, he would not give up on it.

However, Fane's various responses caused Lesley to lose hope. At that moment, the White Phoenix Clan disciples could not bear to look on. The moment Fane attacked, Lesley would definitely die. Even though they had been the ones to cause this, they could still not bear to watch as their fellow disciple dies.

An inner disciple from the White Phoenix Clan shouted at Hestia Continent, "You'd better talk to Fane. He should know when to stop. Otherwise, the White Phoenix
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