Chapter 3291

Darien was incredibly emotional as he said that. He took deep breaths, and when everyone heard that, they could not help but nod in agreement. Facing Golden Continent, taking a step back would only make them think that Hestia Continent was afraid.

Golden Continent would definitely seek revenge. Things would then be much harder for them in the future. However, if they stayed resolute and let Fane lead the charge, things would be better. At the very least, the warriors from Golden Continent would think about the consequences before trying to put them down.

At that moment, Lesley was going crazy. He realized that everything he said was useless. He could not sway Fane at all. Fane did not want to waste any more time.

He looked at Lesley coldly as he formed seals with his hands again. Sixty soul swords formed in a flash, floating in front of Fane. Those swords did not have any energy fluctuations at all. They were like an ancient well, but no one dared to look down on them.

The power he
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I love the story line even though it gets a bit repetitive with the conversational aspect However I can’t wait to read more chapters because I can’t wait to read about how he’s gonna continue his journey through the worlds Though I was hoping to get some snippets of how his entire family is doin

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