Chapter 3293

Just as everyone was discussing, a warrior from Golden Continent brought a valuable recovery pill to Wilde and Lester. After all, they were from the White Phoenix Clan and were very notable chosen disciples. There was no way they could be allowed to just roll on the ground so pathetically.

The person checked their injuries first, and after checking on them, the person was shocked to realize that the two of them had heavy injuries to their souls. Wilde's soul was already ripped apart by a third, and the remaining two-thirds of his soul were holding on bitterly, but not for much longer.

Injuries to the soul were the most troublesome, and Wilde was already heavily injured. Even if he took the recovery pills, it would just be a waste. Lester was in a slightly better situation than Wilde, but not by much.

Their injuries were already at the level where nothing could save them. Only death awaited them. The warrior that tried to treat Wilde looked down helplessly.

Someone shouted out loud,
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Chris Baga
How many times are you going to repeat that golden continent is arrogant. We get it already.

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