Chapter 3294

Yet, the warriors from Golden Continent did not seem to even regret anything. They were talking just like before, feeling like Fane was just an exception, and the warriors from the third-grade worlds were still trash. How could that warrior from Golden Continent stand it? It was not just the White Marsh Continent, even Chaos Continent's warriors could not tolerate it.

Quite a few of them started to shout at the warriors from Golden Continent, "As Fane said, you're regarding yourselves too highly. Golden Continent isn't even a first-grade world. You're an insignificant existence in second-grade worlds. If you give us another hundred years, Chaos Continent will be a second-grade world as well.

"You're just slightly stronger than us. It's not like you're that much stronger. Yet, you speak so arrogantly. It looks like you haven't learned your lessons. Just you guys wait! Even more strong warriors will tell you how laughable you're acting!"

"That's right! Fane had clearly trampled all ov
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Mc Ram
why is it Rudy is remain a dumbass?ehy is that Rudy does not persever to level up. Fane can help him up by having some pills or magic durong the fitgh that fanes win?

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