Chapter 3300

Only, they were warriors from Golden Continent and kept on thinking that Fane was just someone unbelievably arrogant. They never expected Fane to actually have the skills to back it up. At that moment, the warriors from Golden Continent were acting incredibly strangely. They had constantly been pushed back by Fane. They were completely mute at that moment, unable to say anything.

They were able to forcibly regain their pride after the first loss, but after a second one, there was nothing they could say.

A warrior from Chaos Continent laughed out loud, shouting at the Golden Continent, "Come on, don't you all love to talk? You were casting so much judgment on Fane, saying we're all trash? Why aren't you talking anymore? Can you finally tell who the real trash is?"

The warriors from Golden Continent all had sour looks on their faces. Even though they wanted to shout back, they were unable to say anything at all. After all, Fane had kept on winning. Even Intet had been no match for him
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