Chapter 3301

Intet would accept anything, so long as Fane ended this face-off quickly.

Fane let out a laugh as he calmly said, "Let me ask you this: If the person on the ground was me right now, would you spare me a sliver of mercy? Answer me truthfully."

Fane's tone was calm, but Intet could tell how apathetic was. If the positions were switched and it was Fane on the ground instead of him, he surely would not grant him mercy. He would not, for sure.

Fane had constantly challenged and embarrassed the Golden Continent before this, and it was something no warrior from the continent could accept. Furthermore, they were proud and aloof. As long as they got the chance, they would not spare Fane easily.

They would make sure he suffered the cruelest punishment in the world, to the point he would beg for death. Just thinking of this, Intet lost all hope.

Fane's intentions were clear; he would treat everyone how they treated him.

Intet's breathing sped up as hopelessness dulled his eyes. After a brie
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