Chapter 3302

A few among the crowd agreed with what the warrior from the Hestia Continent said.

A warrior from the Chaos Continent sneered as he said, "The warriors from the Golden Continent sure love their double standards. Only they're allowed to have prodigies and not other worlds. Only they're allowed to be cruel, and no other worlds can. Fane did exactly what they did, but they see it as some heinous crime. It's like Fane's a demon straight out of hell. What a joke!"

A verbal riot broke out in the area near the Red Sun Monument as they jeered at the Golden Continent. Even wandering warriors from Hestia raised their voices and cursed at the Golden Continent's warriors, calling them shameless and despicable, to which those from the Golden Continent heard it all.

The warriors from the Golden Continent were forced to lower their heads and accept everything. After all, they would just get laughed at if they tried to be stubborn at that moment.

Fane did not care about the arguments that were hap
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