Chapter 3303

After saying that, a warrior from the Golden Continent behind him said, "The four-hundred-and-twenty-meter mark is just the start. Just look at the four-hundred-and-fifty-meter mark—not a single warrior from Hestia got there. Only ninety-one warriors from White Marsh Continent entered.

"The Chaos Continent only had a hundred-and-twenty-one, while three-hundred-and-nineteen people from the Golden Continent got through! There are fewer and fewer the more you look up.

"At the four-hundred-and-eighty-meter mark, no one from Hestia entered, two from White Marsh Continent entered, and five from Chaos Continent got through. There were twenty-one from the Golden Continent! If you're talking about the five-hundred-and-ten-meter mark, there are only three. Not a single person from the third-grade worlds reached it. Only three warriors from the Golden Continent managed to get there!"

Numbers and the truth were the most convincing, and the arrogance of the Golden Continent that was once suppres
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