Chapter 3304

It was the scariest thing for them. Fane never slowed down at all as he climbed the Red Sun Monument, and he barely reacted as well. It was as if the Red Sun Storm did not affect him at all.

Other than Fane, everyone else would adjust their pace or slow down as they climbed the Red Sun Monument due to the strength of the Red Sun Storm. They would stop midway to regain their strength to continue climbing.

Fane, however, never once stopped except when he would fight others. When they fought, not only did they need to use their true energy to fight each other but to withstand the Red Sun Storm as well.

His earlier battle had left a deep impression on everyone, causing them not to notice that the Red Sun Storm did not seem to affect Fane at all.

A warrior from the Golden Continent sneered, his lips twitching as he did, "He's just crazy. This guy is never normal in anything he does; he never ceases to shock us. Do you think he's doing this to show off?"

After he said that, a warrior fr
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