Chapter 3305

Hestia could no longer stomach such unjust treatment. They wanted to keep a low profile, knowing they were supposed to be the weakest among all the worlds there, but there were times they had to stand up for themselves.

An inner disciple from the Scarlet Pavilion walked forward, his posture straight, as he looked at the warriors from the Golden Continent.

He shouted out, "Are you really such sore losers? Fine, the Golden Continent's overall strength is noteworthy, and you're the strongest out of the four worlds here, but don't forget that this is a level six city. There are still level five and four cities after this, and you'll meet even stronger worlds. Will the Golden Continent still be able to act like this without any fear?

"Don't do unto others what you don't want to be done unto you. You should show more restraint!"

The warriors of the Golden Continent glowered at these words that evidently struck a nerve.

A bulky warrior from the Golden Continent immediately looked over an
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