Chapter 3306

There were 60 Soul Swords in front of Fane's body, serving to reduce the power of the Red Sun Storm.

Fane's actions elicited gasps of surprise. A warrior from the Golden Continent could not help but lament, "He's finally using his techniques to stop the Red Sun Storm. If he didn't do that, I'd start wondering if the storm was avoiding him."

"In the end, he's not a god. No matter how strong he is, there's a limit. How strong do you all think his technique is?"

The moment that was said, everyone started to get curious. They could not resist discussing it. Most of them felt like Fane should be using a lower ultimate god rank technique, which is why he was too strong even for Intet.

It was simple: Fane had already reached the third stage of the technique.

However, there were those of them who did not agree.

A warrior from the Chaos Continent said, "I think Fane's using a middle ultimate god rank technique. If you want to master a lower ultimate god rank technique, you won't just need
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