Chapter 3307

"We've seen so much more than all of you, and we can make better judgments. Don't think that your meager bits of knowledge will be enough for you to be so sure about anything!"

"They don't know how difficult middle ultimate god rank techniques are. One of my seniors tried to learn it before but was unable to do anything. His talents are among the top of the Golden Continent. If Fane could do it, he'd be able to do it too. Alas, he was completely out of ideas when it came to a middle ultimate god rank technique."

"There's nothing that can be done about it. Third-grade worlds and second-grade worlds have an evident gap between them. If not for the Whirling World, they'd never be able to interact with us. These fools keep insulting us by saying we're at the bottom of second-grade worlds, but even if we're not highly ranked, we're still one. What we've seen and what we know isn't something any of you can compare to."

When the warriors from third-grade worlds heard that, their expression
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