Chapter-10 Musical Compass

" I guess they may be going to sleep now. Let's get ready.". 

" Yes" 

Ritvik nodded. 

As it wasn't appropriate to switch on the light back. They switched on the table lamp that had enlightened the room appropriately. 

They both changed into dark blue t-shirts and black trousers. They put on dark blue caps. 

They gave each other a good Hi-fi after they had dressed.

Ritvik took out his sport's watch. He looked over Arjun as he noticed that he didn't have his beloved watch over his wrist. 

"Take this" 

Arjun passed him a 'voki toki'. 

The Voki toki they had was not a professional one. But it was something that still works and could be helpful to them. And It had a hook behind it that could fix it on the belt. 

Though he was in the midd

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