Chapter-13 Sometimes light is just behind the clouds

It was around 5.15 Am when Arjun opened his eyes. He blinked his eyes collecting all the yesterday memories. He saw that the lights of the corridors were back to normal. Ritvik was still asleep. 


He looked for Rhythm. 

As if Rhythm heard him, he flew to him and sat over his lap. Arjun felt happy to see him. His light was back to normal. 

" You… alright." 

" Yes" 

Rhythm replied to him. 

Ritvik also woke up, he found Arjun was awake and he also saw Rhythm. He felt assured to see them both. He saw the time. It was already 5.25 am.

"Let's get out of here," Ritvik suggested them. 

Arjun nodded. They both were recalling the footsteps they heard. They both had only one question. 

'Were they locked inside?' 

Ritvik went to check the door. They were not locke

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