Chapter-14 Looking for a ride old man

At Sterlite Electronics... 

Sterlite Electronics was one of the known Companies in India. If any issue arises in the company they would first have their own investigation and their own trials. 

Only after confirmation, a person could be sued in the Civil Court. 

In the meeting room... 

There was an elliptical table. Many people and executives were sitting there with Arav on the opposite side. Room was filled with the noise of accusations and complaints. 

He was holding on his file in his hands tightly that he had been preparing even after being accused. He thought he would get a say to speak for himself. He had been waiting for his turn to speak for himself but the executives and people had no intention of doing it. They were completely engrossed in putting on accusations and blames. After a while, he understood that investigation had not been transparent. The whole investig

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