Chapter-15 First day of school with Rhythm

Arjun and Ritvik were sitting over a bench. They were at a very silent and peaceful place that was hardly visited by anyone. The place was surrounded by many plants and trees. 

Ritvik was silently sitting over the bench and having his lunch. While Arjun was standing by the bench side. Rhythm was happy there, he was going all around the trees. 

Today's day wasn't a normal day for both of them it was a challenging day for all three of them. 

Arjun remembered their first period. How Rhythm hid behind him when his English teacher was greeted by everyone. He too felt bored sometimes but he never knew that school classes can even scare someone. 

They learnt that Rhythm can hear everyone but he can't understand anyone. So everything is noise for him that he can't understand. Especially when this noise comes in unison or when it is entangled up. 

Looking at him he felt if he hadn't

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???? you can always meet him inside the story
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I need rhythm. ????

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