Chapter-20 "You know Ritvik why this app was created.To trouble be to the extent it could.

Sometimes despite trying everything nothing works out and sometimes out of blue you are granted with a blessing. 

Maybe this is the way life gives its direction 

Maybe this is the way in which it works. 

Like a feather reaches its destination even in the hands of unpredictable winds.


Soon it was evening. And as the dusk was silently making room. It started getting dark.

Mehar had already completed the watch for Arjun. With this watch it was easy to fool anyone even if someone learnt about Rhythm. They will be able to protect him.As other than Arjun no one can hear him. All they would see a moving light which can also be created with his watch.

Arjun was happy,even though it was a little thing it was enough to assure him. that may be he would find a way to protect Rhythm once he is asured of his safety,he won't have to worry much.

The trio tested the working of watch. the watch was speaking

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