Chapter-23 lil brother the computer has been hackef

After Arav left the room he switched off the light but it wasn't very dark inside the room as a very little light was going all around it. Maybe it was just for playing but something had changed  for the little sparkle. This time he was anticipating things . Rhythm may not be knowing about language but he was very familiar with nature and how it works , he was living inside the nature where organisms may not be knowing what other one is speaking but they still held a understanding towards each other that abides them ,ties them in many ways.

He may not be knowing what the things inside the room are called but on this night he got to know how they work  at times in hassle of our weakness. We may forget our strengths that are in fact the key to solving them. At this time around Arjun was asleep.

Soon the night went darker and Rhythm also went outside the room. Probably by morning he would be familiar with the room and whole of the house more than a

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