Chapter Two

Prince Fahad POV

I wiped the glass door with my hands, staring at my face on the glass, but her face keep popping back inside my head. The way she gaze back at me as tears found their way to her eyes. Something about her black orbs that was so captivating.

"Get a grip"I said out loud to myself.

Turning the shower off I walked out wrapping a towel around my waist, that's when something on the sink caught my eyes, the sun reflecting on it. I move there and lift it on my fingers staring at it. It's a silver bracelet that fell off her hand when I held her, it has something like a name encrypt on it but I can't quite read what's written there.

I walked out of the toilet and went to my closet, opening the drawer's where my wrist watches are, I remove one of them, then replaced it with the bracelet. There, it fit perfectly as if that's it's place. I smiled rubbing it gently, that's when I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" I answered as I went to get my clothes.

Adam walked in, Adam is like a secretary and my one and only friend here. His whole family are here, his Dad working for my my Dad as an adviser before he pass away. He was working with Emirate group, which I think Dad got him the position to help me adjust when I got back.

"Hi Adam" I said raising the two suits am holding "which one" I asked as he stood before me.

"They're all black" he pointed out with his usual stern face.

"Thanks Adamu, I haven't noticed" I said sarcastically

"You have A lot on your schedule today so, I suggest we move fast" Adam said with a blank expression.

"Why don't you read the A LOT that I have on my schedule" I said facing him and noticed that he is also wearing the same black suit.

"Yeah right, am not wearing this" I said dropping them on the bed.

"You are eating breakfast with Queen Rabi'a" he recite looking at his tablet when I cut him saying "you know she said you can address her as Mami right"

He stops for a moment and glance at me then took back his gaze to the IPad and continues without saying anything to me.

Adam can be a pain in the ass, the thing is that he is the only person that can handle me that's why I don't mind him sometimes.

He continues for about 10minutes while I keep getting ready but then something he said caught my attention "What?" I asked as a deep scowl appear on my face.

With a mischievous grin on his face "a dinner date with Farida the princess of..."

"What the hell, I know who she is. who gave that permission, she is not even here..."

"Well you're wrong she came yesterday, and you gave the permission" Adam deedpan holding his hands on his back.

"I would never do that, what does she even what" I asked annoyed as hell.

Adam smiled and said "You did. Apparently, Yesterday on our way back from the bakery and I even asked you three more times" He raised his fingers to Indicate the three as he stress each word. "but you said "yes" while staring at the bracelet that YOU said you found at the bakery"

"Damn" I said running my hand through my hair "I screwed up".

"I think you didn't, you can get to know her more" Adam suggested while going back to his normal composure selft.

I snort putting my curve links "what made you think that I want to know her more"

"Rumors have it that she is the ONE, that's why she was even went to Manchester to study with you"

I laugh brushing my hair "and you actually believe that? Have it ever occurred to you that she is Umma Magajiya's niece"

"Yeah, but she has other nieces, yet why isn't that only Farida keeps coming and even telling her friends that you're in a relationship"

"Are you that naive? they're trying to pair me with Farida for their selfish reasons, I bit she doesn't even love me but the popularity she'll get and how many people she gets to crush and trust me 15 years ago am sure Dad haven't made that mistake that I need to pay for with my life". I explain

"But what if she really is the one" Adam went on. He shrugs "maybe they threatened him that's why he did it and send you all the way across the country for another 15years"

A sly smirk broke on my lips "Trust me, Dad WILL never tie me up with the likes of them" adjusting my tie "now let's go break some hearts".


"Am so glad we got time to eat like this" Mami said her eyes glue on me you can see how happy she is just looking at her.

"Yeah, me too, it's been age's" I said eating my favorite masa and chicken pepper soup

"How are you managing everything, I know is not easy, especially after spending 15years away from home" she asked concern evident on her voice

I took sip of my tea "yeah is challenging but it's fun at the same time, I got to meet a lot of people that need our help and is nice knowing that someone look up to you to do the right thing especially the youth".

"I can imagine" she said with a giggle. "you know when I married your Dad it kinda took a huge troll on me, and am not even the first wife, sometimes I pity Umma magajiya"

I smiled, that's my Mami despite her issues with Umma magajiya that didn't stop her from caring for her.

"I heard Farida is here" I suddenly retro

Mami stop eating for a while observing me then she asked "How did you know?"

I chuckled, Mami isn't Farida's fan either "she contact Adam" I answered simply

Mami I rolled her eyes as she put her spoon down "I just don't get why they don't take no for an answer"

"They're determine to get us married and I don't think they'll give up, knowing the fact that they even send her to UK to study with me" I reason

"That's right, I just don't like her at all, she has all the rich, spoil kids attitude"

"Mami you were one of them" I joke

She raised her eye brows "really? rich yes, spoil definitely NO" she said as she shakes her head.

"Yeah, definitely no, you raised me, so am example" I said laughing harder

I watched her face gets serious all of the sudden "yeah I did, didn't I" she said with a sad smile

"Sometimes I imagine what it will be like if your mother is alive, will I even get to marry the love of my life and even get to raise an amazing person like you? Will your mother let me be close to her bundle of joy..."

It's always like this Mami gets so emotional whenever we talk about me. I dropped my fork then hold her hands "come on Mami, don't talk like that"

She just stares at me with a sad smile as tears started flowing down her face.

"I believe everything happens for a reason, I may have lost my mother at a tender age but Allah has blessed me with you, 15years ago you left everything and move to Manchester with me for 8years, that alone is a blessing, I don't want to ever think that you're not my mother cause to me you're the best mother a person can ever asked for"

Smiling she used one of her hand to wipe her tears "I got emotional for a moment, but your right am just so happy and this are happy tears, am so happy that you're back".

I smiled letting go of her hand and went back to eating my food.

She gave me reassuring smile then went back to her food too.

One of her maids walk in and said "Queen Rabia, here is the cake".

Looking up to maid she said "thanks larai, just keep it there"

Mami stood up and open the cake her self, whenever we are eating with her, she never allows the maids to serve us always serving by herself or asking Sultana to do it

I stares at the cake that look exactly like the one from yesterday "who made it" I asked Surprise

"Nawal brought it, you remember her right?" Mami asked cutting the cake.

"Nawal" I repeat the name

She handle me the cake and fork then sat down. "silly me, how could you, when you left she was just four or five, anyway do you remember Aunty Maryam that use to come here with her daughter, I normally tell people that she is my sister, her husband owns a provision store in the market".

"No not really" I answer eating my cake

"You'll meet her soon, she is writing her exams that's why she doesn't visit me as often, but am sure you'll get to meet maybe even be friends cause she can bake any kind of cake and she is a great cook" Mami said excited

I continue eating thinking since she bake this am sure she is not the girl from the bakery, beside how can a girl like that afford that kind of bracelet? Cause the bracelet looks super expensive to me.


I was laying down on our bed around 10:pm reading wattpad when the door suddenly burst open and Nana Asma'u (my sister) appear before it.

"What the hell Asmy" I asked as I raised my head looking at her with a frown

Panting she sat beside me and asked "Have you meet the prince?"

"The prince"? I asked going back to my novel

"The prince Fahad ofcouse"

"Why?" I asked non chatantly

"Well, rumors said that he is so handsome, like some Greek God"

I pout as I kept my phone then look at Asmy straight, feeling a little but irritated. "And how did you hear the rumors.." I question.

"There is this magically gadget called cell phone..." She said dramatically. "And I happens to follow him in all his social media accounts..." She trials as she place her hand on her chest. "I happens to be the leader of his fan club..." She finish with a content smile on her face.

I gaze at her in disbelief, did she have that much time in her disposal to even be the leader of some fan club and may I add for somebody that doesn't even know about her existence. I shook my head and said. "Asmy, you're delusional. How can you be his fan when you don't even know how he looks like?".

Asmy just grin and said "That's a mystery that 99% girls can still not solve" She gaze at me dreamy then said. "We just love and admire him for all the work he does even before he got back, and now that he is back as the CEO and next hair to the throne, he became the most wanted man in all of Nigeria, not just Kano, but the whole Nigeria".

I just watch as Asmy spout her nonsense, cause to me this is obviously nonsense. I shook my head and said. "I can't believe you're my sister".

Going back to my book. "Then you most at have his passport, or one of his picture appear from the office..."

"Nup..." She interrupt me. "No one at all knows how he looks, He hasn't post his single picture on his social media, and you know he hasn't come here for the pass 15 years, am sure even some of his family members can't recognize him..."

"Except for Mami..." I conclude for Asmy. I know that Mami and The king normally visit him every now and then, which made me to wonder why he even left for the long in the first place.

"That I don't care..." Asmy rants. "But I always imagine what he looks like..." She looks at me with her eyes all wide open. "Like some Greek God I guess.."

I rolled my eyes "Greek God Asmy? Something is really wrong with you".

Have you meet him" she asked eagerly

I looked at her for a while defeated, the other DA I heard the maids whispering how handsome he looks when he came by Mami's side, but I didn't bother to even take a glance at him. Now that Asmy is day dreaming about him, I wish that I did. "No, but I don't think he is that handsome"

"Geez, and you're always at the palace. I can't believe you haven't meet him yet" she said as she stood up  while scrolling through her phone.

I went back to reading my novel, knowing that Asmy can go about this "prince thing" the whole night without being tired.

"When are you going again" she asked sitting down on the stool

"Tomorrow I think, why"? I asked staring at her.

"Because I need to go and see for my self".

I raised my eye browns at her waiting for her to elaborate

She faced me and said "I need to go and see for myself whether the rumors are true, and beside it's been so long I haven't visit Mami, am sure she'll be happy"

"But you know Asmy, Umma will not allow the both of us to go, and I promise Mami I'll go tomorrow, I even bake cake for her".

"Well don't go, I can take the cake to her, is not like am doing something important". Reason with me

Asmy just finished writing her WAEC so all she do is sleep.

I can argue with her for days, but am sure at the end she'll still do want she wants.

"Fine" I said "but only if Umma agree"

"So all I have to do is convince Umma to let me go Tomorrow.." Asmy said as she squirm in happiness.

I press my lips to a thin line and said. "That rig..."

She didn't even let me finish as she jumps on her feat then ran out of the room.

"Asmy..." I yelled. "The door". But the door remain ajar. I sighed as I stood up to went and close the door. Am happy that I got rid of her, now all I need to do is concentrate on my novel.


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