Chapter Three

Third Person POV.

The sky intensified the presence of it's darkness, the whole palace is quiet. You can only feel the coldness that came on December night as the air blow gently on the trees, making them whisper in melodies.

Among one of the majestic building that stood inside the palace, deep inside it, there lay a women on her khalisa (a place where the queens sit to take a rest) Umma Magajiya.

A women of great ambition and selfish nature. The room was very cold not just because of the cold outside, but also because of the air conditioner that's working at every corner of the room and that didn't stop the two maids standing at her either site, holding a huge fan on their hands fanning her gently.

She extended her hand towards the bowl of fruit in front of her then took an apple from it. Gently as if someone is forcing her she bit on it, while frowning her face. She then gaze at her side where Farida sat.

Clearing her voice she said "I don't get it Farida, what is so hard in getting a guy to fall for you?" She asked her her voice as cold as the room.

Farida move uncomfortably and said "I tried everything I know Umma, but is just not working with him, my beauty and figures don't impress him, I don't kn..."

"Then seduce him" Umma Magajiya deadpan.

Farida's mouth open to a wordless word before she manage to say "what if something end up happening and I got pregnant"

"Then at least we get something to blackmail him with it" Umma Magajiya said without care as she went back to eating her apple.

Farida sniffles and said "but Umma that'll be..."

"Will be what?" she interrupt irritated. "An insult, do you think I got to where I am today with a clean slit?" She said half yelling

"No Farida, you have to apply everything you know as a woman to seduce the man you love, do you even what to get married to Fahad" Umma asked with a stern voice

Farida quickly shook her head with a little blush "Of course, Is everything I have ever want".

"Then do something about it before you make me regret choosing you, you know anytime I can change you with a snap of my fingers, your cousins and even your sisters are waiting to have same opportunity as you" Umma Magajiya said as she stood up with pride and arrogance then left her khalisa with the two maids hot on her trail.

Umma Magajiya almost reach the door when Farida stops her with "but why did you insist on getting him married to someone from your family" Farida asked genuinely curious, she knows that she loves Fahad so much, even before Umma Mava

Umma magajiya stop dead on her track, then turn and stares at farida. Then suddenly she burst into a hysterical laughter.

Farida stares at her with unbelievable eyes, but then she stops and frown her face as if she wasn't the one that just finish laughing "All I ever wanted was to rule, but I couldn't, first" she gesture with her hand. "because I lost to a Fulani girl who end up to be the first wife of the king, and second because I don't have a male child" Umma magajiya explained with an unreadable expression

Confused Farida asked "but your three daughter's are married to billionaires in this country, what else do you want"

Umma magajiya chuckle grabbing the site of her gown she said "that's power Farida, you'll never get enough, once you get the taste of it, you'll always crave for more". She shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't give birth to the king, then I just have to crown the next queen, the next Magajiya of Kano. And as the saying goes daka haifi sarki gwara ka haifar masa mata

(is better to give birth to the wife of the king than to give birth to the king himself).

She continue "why did you think your mother send you to me, yes she is the wife of the king but she doesn't have a son either, you are our hope in getting that power.

"But Umma do you think we can get the power" Farida asked her voice low afraid not to get Umma angry.

Umma magajiya smiled wickedly then said "you'll understand once you get to taste it and pray for a male child" she look at her up and down then said "And use your beauty for good before I get angry and get another person with snap of my fingers".

With that she storm out of the room living a baffled Farida confused as to what to do next. God knows that she loves Fahad and she is ready to do anything just to have him.



Nawal pov

"Wow" Mami said smiling "I love the one with strawberries on it" pointing to the cake in front of us.

"It's the red velvet" I said grinning from ear to ear "especially for YOU" I gesture with my hand.

"And Nana is even here with me" Mami said hugging asmy by the side, well they been hugging since we came.

"I know the king will love it..."

"And the prince" Sultana said coming into the room.

"Wow" she said as she stares at the red velvet and the chocolate cake on the center table "It's piece of art" she gaze at me and said  "YOU are piece of art" with a smile.

"Sultana, will you mind taking the chocolate cake to the prince" Mami said to Sultana

"Sorry ma, but Dad is calling me, why don't Nawal take the cake to him" she said as she gesture with her hand towards me, with a mischievous grin "I know someone can't wait to lay his eyes on her"

Laughing I said "for the last time sultana Adam is not having crush on me, we're just friends" I finish the statement looking at both Mami and Asmy while trying to hide the blush that rose on my cheeks.

"What" Asmy asked, with wide eyes.

I normally tell Asmy everything, am sure she'll be surprised that I didn't tell her, beside this is just Sultana's theory even Mami doesn't agree with her.

"Don't mind Sultana" Mami said waving her hand "she is just trying to play cupid"

"When he finally confesses, don't say I didn't warned you" with a smile she left, following the door that will lead her directly to the king's side.

Mami sighted while Asmy look at me with the eyes that says you're gonna explain later.

"Why don't you two take the cake to the prince side, am sure he has gone to work, you can just the opportunity to have tour of his garden, cause trust me, the loves gardening even more than I do". Mami offered.

I gaze at Asmy, not sure is a good idea. I know they don't have much privacy to start with but I still think is rude, especially when we don't know each other, even if you do, you have to have an appointment before you see either of the Royal's. How can we just enter his side without his permission.

Turning my gaze to, a sly smile broke in her lips and immediately I realize what she is thinking, I open my mouth when she beats me to it and said. "That's a very good idea Mami, he will finally meet the leader of his fan club..."

"He is not at home..." I interrupt Asmy, clearly looking for a way to escape going to his side all together.

Mami smile looking Asmy and said "Don't worry, I will personally get to introduce you too today it self, am sure he will be back before you leave".

"That's settle then" Asmy said as she grab the cake, while a stares at her annoyed.

"Larai will take you there, she will tell the guards that I send you" Mami said directly looking at me.

I smile and said "Yeah, OK" while Asmy shook her head looking super excited


We came out of Mami's building and took our way to the prince building that's when Asmy hold my hand and said "come on sis" with a mischievous grin "spill the beans"

Smiling I drag my hand from her hold and said "there is nothing there, Sultana mistook that he has crush on me"

"Are you sure" Asmy asked. "Cause I can see blush creeping out of your face" She said as she point to my face which made me to quickly cover bit he my cheeks with my hands.

I opened my mouth to answer when I heard a voice call "Nawal?"

Together we turn around and face him. Smiling Adam walked to us, surprise written all over his face "What are you doing here" he asked.

My whole life here I think I've never been to this side of the palace.

"We came to drop this for the prince" I manage to say, gesturing to the cake Asmy is holding.

"That's very thoughtful of you, I bet you bake it yourself?" He asked as I felt his eyes on me.

I blush avoiding his gaze. Adam is a very nice person I've known him since I was a kid. Maybe is because he also grew up withing the palace. His father, before he passed away is one of the trusted adviser to the king, I think he even hold a tittle that I can't quite remember.

"Yeah, she did" Asmy answer with a grin as she tilted her head to caught glimpse of my face.

"Nana, it's been forever" He said finally removing his gaze from me and turning to Asmy "you stop visiting us"

Sighing dramatically "yeah tell me about, is not that anyone miss me, right Nawal?" Asmy said with that same grin on her face.

Eyeing her I mouthed "really". "sorry" she mouthed back.

Turning to Adam I said "don't mind her, you know she can be a bit dramatic"

Adam chuckles as he nods his head then said "please, come on in". While he gesture with his hand

I gently elbow Asmy and whispers "that's call flirting"

"Auuuuchh" she give a dramatic surprise face then said "I haven't noticed" she smile and continue  "that's also call been jealous sis".

Before I can answer her she give another shock gasps which made me to look at the direction where she is looking "is that a peacock" she asked out loud while pointing at the bird.

There it stood in all it's majestic form, it's leaves spread out looking as beautiful as ever.

Asmy has always been a fan of the bird, not just birds but animals in general and I have no idea that they even have it at this side of the palace.

"We also have rabbits" Adam answered her with a smile

"Tell me about it" she said as she stares at it in awe

"Well I can show you" Adam said not sure of himself.

A soft smile broke on my lips as I said "yeah, that's probably what she meant"

"Why don't I collect this from you so that I can show it to both of you" he offered, extending his hands.

"Don't bother, I can just take this inside" looking at aAsmy I continue "She literally is going to kill me if I take one second from meeting them for her"

He chuckled "alright, just keep it on the dinning table, I trust you know your way to the garden"

"Yeah, I'll be fine".

He turn and took his leave with Asmy following hot on his trail

I blick my eyes then start walking to the front door. People always said that Adam is scary, but to me he is very nice and accommodating.

I smile at the thought as I walk to the front door. I great the two guards standing by the door before they open it for me. Larai already left when she saw Adam.

I took a deep breaths as I step my leg inside, like thinking is better I quickly fine the table and keep it there in case the Prince is around since Adam is outside.

Wow I stared at the parlor, this is the first time am entering this place, it's really beautiful the decorations is done to perfection. The paint is ash and the cushion are grey including the carpet.

Not bad, I love what they did to the place. I bit is Mami's work.

I spot the dinning table by the side of the room, moving there I quietly put the cake on the table.

I stares at the place is really beautiful it looks like a new bride house.

I wonder if the prince is around seeing that Adam is here, or maybe he went to see King cause the place is quite I don't think even the maids are here.

I started moving towards the entrance that's when I heard a low voice coming out from the door near the dinning table.

I stop at my track looking at the door that's when I realize there are two voices coming out of there, I move towards the door as the voices became a little louder.

I stood there contemplating whether to open the door or not, I really can't not handle been curious.

My curiosity got the best of me as I place my hand on the door handle and turn it.

I poke my head inside, it's a hallway that contains about four doors, but is only the first door that I can see light reflecting from.

I decided to close the door and go but before I can do so I heard I a voice yelled "stop it"

The second voice which sounds at the verge of crying said "please Fahad"

"What do want me to do" the voice asked annoyed

"Just marry me, that's all I asked of you, please Fahad I love you with all my heart"

"Get out Farida" the voice reply yelling.

So is the prince and the princess, that's interesting, I thought she is the one that's married to the prince? But I guess not after hearing this conversation.

I turned to leave but then suddenly the door fling open as an angry person who I guess might be the prince came out holding Farida by her arms who seems like she is crying.

I jump on my feet as I open my eyes wide staring at the scene in front of me. Also feeling guilty as hell, why do I have to peak through the door. I should have just go, now how do I explain this situation, cause I have been caught red handed.

They both stop on their track, shock written all over the prince as he gaze at me with angry face.

We stares at each other for a while for some unknown reason to me Farida jump and hug the prince breaking into an uncontrollable sob.

He push her aside, then walked and stood right in front of me, analysis me

"So this is the prince? I whispers to myself "but why in the hell did he seems oddly familiar" I thought as I gaze at him, feeling conscious of my every move including my breathe.

My eyes open wide in realization and I yelled "CRAB". Out loud, then took my gaze back to him with my eyes wide open.

He raised his hand pointing towards me as a smile broke on his lips, pretty sure he recognize me.



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