Chapter Four

"CRAB" I whisper out loud. slowly, letting go of the handle of the door as I start moving backward staring at the face that's staring right back at me

"Am I dreaming?" I whispered in my head "or this jerk is really standing in front of me?".

"Innalillahi wa inna ilaihimraji'un" that's what came out of my mouth out loud when I felt a sharp string on my leg. I close my eyes waiting to hear the sound of me falling. One...two...three... Seconds passed but still quite, slowly I opened one of my eyes to see what's stopping me.

That's when my eyes jump out of their sockets and my mouth form a wordless "O" as I stares at him in shock. He was holding me in his arms just like how you normally see in movies.

He blink his perfect brown eyes as his mouth curve to a smirk. Just like the other day he look so handsome like a prince that came out from a fairytale. He has a fair skin I realized, not very fair just average.

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