Chapter Five

Through out the ride home no one utter a word. Adam offer to drive us home saying that he was going near our area.

I sat at the passenger seat while Asmy at the back frowning, i know she is angry with me because I decided that we had to leave, but I don't have time to worry about her now, am still angry and surprise for the fact that, that jerk happens to be the prince which means I have to meet him every now and then unless...unless if I stop going to the palace all together, that's it, that's perfect. I thought

I smile at the thought but then I remember if Mami didn't see me for few days, she'll come herself to check on me and asked the reason why I haven't visit them.

I sighted heavy in frustration forgetting at all where I was "are you okay" Adam's voice rang inside my head.

I blink, and whisper in my head "come on Nawal do you really want to embarrass yourself in front of Adam now"


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