Chapter Seven

Nawal's POV

"You look fabulous" Sultana said with a wide grin, giving me a side hug.

"Thanks babe" I said letting go of her and sat down near Mami while sultana sat opposite me.

"What's with the kwalliya? Or it is to impress a certain somebody" Sultana said teasing me.

Mami scoffed and said "Seriously Sultana, you need to stop trying to play cupid, obviously is not working".

"But mami can't you see, am sure they're going to make an amazing couple and...." Sultana said dreamily.

"For the 100th time Sultana, we're just friends" I said trying not to slip the fact that I been crushing on him.

"Then can you pleeessse be something more than friends? You guys will look so good together like the Nigeria version of brangelina. Then you guys will be Adwal, isn't that cute" she finished looking at both Mami and I with a wide grin on her face

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