Chapter Eight

"It can't be" he murmured, his jaw clenched staring at me with his eyes cold filled with rage.

Adam looked at him, then turn to look at me and said "Nawal are sure is here...." He said as he points at the floor "you might be mistaken".

With a sly smile on my lips, gazing at Adam "Don't waste your breath Adam, am very sure about the order I


Turning my gaze to the prince, I brought out the paper that Umma Magajiya gave me, which had the offer and my signature on it, then her's by the side with her stamp boldly showing on it. "From today I am assign as the new stylist of the prince, with effect immediately".

He gaze at me briefly then shift his eyes to the paper I extend in front of him. To my utter amazement he let out a sudden laugher as he place his hand on his forehead. I raised my brows in surprise, I thought the jerk will be furious.

And what came out of his mouth further

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