Chapter Nine

I stood in front of the main gate that'll take you to the palace. It's early Monday morning. Abba just drop me by, on his way to the shop.

I look ahead staring at the building in front of me. Some part of me is nervous while the other part is excited. Just think about what lay ahead of me makes me a little bit nervous.

Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes and whispers you can do this Nawal inside my head.

Opening them I took my very first step towards my bright future inshaAllah

I already got the heading on what my job is. The first thing to do is to check his schedule everyday to know all about his meeting so as to bring out an appropriate clothe for it.

According to Umma Magajiya he doesn't know how to appropriately dress for the day.

His main closet is in the door near his room where all his clothes are kept. All I have to do is pick t

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