Chapter Twelve

Nawal's POV.

I push close the oven's door then twirled around and pick the spatula on the counter. Using it as a mic I started miming the song a was listening to "I like me better by lauv".

I twirled until I reach the fridge and open it, then took out chocolate sprinkles, Gazing to the door I found Umma and Asmy standing by it, murmuring something to themselves.

I continue my dance and twirling in the kitchen miming the song.

"What is going on with you" I turned and found a frowning Asmy standing near me.

"Me?, Nothing" I said while I went and checked on my cup cakes.

"I was right when I told Umma to get Imam and do rukiya for you". She state clearly thinking that something is wrong with me.

Sitting on the counter, I face Asmy, raising both my hands and said "Am fine Asmy, in fact never been better". As a

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