Chapter Fifteen

The week's blur by quickly. It's been 4weeks now after the controversy of The prince and Farida yet the whole emirate are keeping quiet about it, no article from them, no press release even if they asked the Prince or the king or even queen's they'll just brush it off with a laugh.

Around 2pm in the afternoon I left school then decide to stop by the palace to see Mami, she traveled since last week and came back yesterday.

Plus I haven't been to the palace for almost a week now, and some of the prince clothes arrived few days ago which means I need to organise it in the right place before he scatter it everywhere.

I decide to finish up in his side before going to Mami's. I was in the middle of arranging the clothes while listening to señorita by Shawn and Camila all the while miming the song.

"Señorita right?" Started, I turn gazing at the face i wi

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