Chapter Seventeen

We sat in a comfortable silent as Adam drove out of the palace, I gaze at his direction through my side view and notice he is looking at me with a smile on his face. I smiled too and then turn my head to face him directly but he quickly put his eyes on the road which made me to chuckle and ask "What?" while grinning.

"Nothing" he answered simply still smiling.

"I know you're thinking about what a did earlier" I said as a matter of a fact while waving my hand.

He smile tilting his head and said "maybe".

"You see, I know that you're thinking about it" I said as my smile increases. 

Fixing my gaze to the other side I sighed "Gossshh, I have no idea what came over me, am just so angry at him" 

Which is strange cause 99% of the times I felt angry at him, then it'll suddenly change to a feeling of wanting to impress him, which is why I always arrange his closet to perfection and

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