Chapter Eighteen

The days pass by in a blur with me ignoring everyone including Asmy. I refused to get another phone like everyone wanted me to including Mami cause she came here at least trice. I always give them excuse that I need a break from it.

Its still a nightmare to me even after Abba explain everything to me. Well not everything, he explain the basic saying that he'll tell me the rest when it is time.

As for my work, I hand in MY resignation letter which was officially declined by the Prince. And Umma said am been irresponsible which Asmy support her which made me to reach the conclusion of being angry at both of them.

Putting my earrings, my mind wonder back to what Umma said this morning when she enter our room and find me laying down on our bed. She thinks that am running away from my problem saying that I should face them head on cause running away will not help me.

Deciding to face on my demons, I got ready t

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