Chapter Fourty Four

Third Person POV

Nawal glare at the woman before she move and sat near Umma, gazing at Umma that's busy clearing her tears, Nawal's eyes became soft as she face's Umma and said "Please, I want to know the truth now".

Umma's face stretch to a sad smile as she holds Nawal's hands in hers and said "No Nawal, you're pregnant, I don't want your blood pressure going up because of what happened in the past".

Asmy sat at the other other side and said "No Umma this is getting out of hand" Her gaze travel to Nawal then back at Umma "We need to know".

Umma took a deep breath, today it seems she has to tell them everything.

She gaze at her children then back at her best friend who seems she is frozen on her sit.

Umma sniffles and said "I think..Aamal should tell you"

The two girls gaze at the woman who is looking pale and slimmer than be

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