Chapter Fourty Five

Nawal's POV

Everything has been bubby rockey in the pass couple of weeks. Am doing as much as I can to forget what I learn about Aswan and thank God I got the perfect distraction.

The king pass his verdict two weeks ago, Since Umma Magajiya is still his wife like he said, when he gather all the close royal family members. Which includes just her children, Mami, She Umma Magajiya then, The Prince, Farida and I.

It's his duty to protect her dignity even though he can't stand looking at her face and it will be shameful for somebody like him, at his age to divorce his wife.

So Umma Magajiya was strip of her tittle, and all the wealth and other possession she accumulated after her marriage to the King is seize which will be donated as charity for Nuwaira's sake. And from then on, she is just the wife of the King, even her maids are taken away and they left her wi

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