Chapter Fourty Seven

Third Person POV.

Nawal's stares at the innocent baby in her arms as tears keep rooming down her face.

They have just concluded the 7days prayers, and little Farida was with Farida's family all this while, but she was brought to Mami's side today, with her caretaker.

From the day Farida passed away, the moment Nawal set her eyes on the girl, she fall in love with her. Even right now that she is sleeping peaceful in her arms.

The thought of how Farida would have celebrate cross her mind. She sure knows that the whole Nigeria, not just Kano most celebrate this.

Nawal chuckles in self pity, that's how we go about everyday, planning a lot of things not knowing whether we will even live to see the day or not.

Nawal watch as the baby girl slightly open her eyes and set them on Nawal. "Hi baby" Nawal whispers as she felt her heart beat for the girl.

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