Chapter Fourty Eight

"What in the hell are we doing here" Nawal asked with a gritted teeth as she stares at her husband with Asmy standing beside him.

She just woke up this morning after she sleeps for three days straight after her surgery and almost lost it when one of the nurses mention about being in Aswan.

"Let's go and see our baby" Prince Fahad said gently as he holds her arms. He is not about to pick a fight with her when he almost lost her in that surgery.

Is about 6 days now after they got to Aswan, and Nawal lost her consciousness since the day they left Kano which is why she doesn't even know where she is. The surgery went well, she did suffer from some complications that result her to stay in the ICU for two days, that's why she couldn't woke up early, but now that she is awake, the Dr's said they'll continue with the IV therapy which will at least last for two weeks. 

Since the baby was premature he was place in incuba

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