Chapter Fourty Nine

Asmy was in Aamal's personal garden. She was supposed to be in the hospital, but Nawal wakes up and was throwing tantrum at them that's why she left her and with her husband and came here for the time being.

She is currently waiting for Aamal, cause she said she is going to visit Nawal but she got an urgent call, which was meeting the press for something Asmy didn't know.

She was snapping some pictures with the camera that Nawal got for her on her trip to Dubai when she heard her full name been call. Turning to face the distraught old woman who is walking in her full speed without any thought to her health.

Asmy stood there curious, thinking of what could possibly make the woman look this worried, but the moment she spot her phone on her hand, her face become pale instantly, she plug the phone to charge inside and her screensaver happens to be the picture she, her parents and Nawal, snapped on Nawal's wedding day.


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