Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

Third Person POV

"Mommm" A tiny voice shouted with a giggles as she ran into Nawal's closet.

Nawal turn her head from where she is seated, in front of her vanity mirror as the make up artist apply make up on her.

"Stop running baby..." Nawal stated when Mamakulu enters the room running after the girl.

Farida giggles again as she crawl on Nawal's lap still giggling softly.

"" Mamakulu try to say panting as she bend down to catch her breathe.

Nawal chuckles softly then nods her head towards Mamakulu and said "Don't worry Mamakulu, just bring her clothe I will get her ready myself".

Mamakulu smile and walk out of the room then she return shorty with a blue color dress.

Farida looks at it as she squeals and said "We're wearing these same" while pointing to Nawal's own gown that's lay on the chest drawer

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