"I told ya...!"



Sia looked at her reflection in the elevator's door. She was wearing a simple black gown with matching black heals. In the name of jewelery, she was only wearing expensive black diamond earings and her usual black expensive watch.

Her hairs were set in a ponytail and she was looking as etheral and perfect as she always did with her usual calm and composed demeanor.

Her gaze shifted to Louis who was clearly scowling waiting patiently for her to say something.

She was thinking of not answering him at all but then she decided to assure Louis as she was afraid his hairs are going to be grey soon with worrying so much,

"It's alright Louis!... He is not going to do anything much....You don't need to worry... Take a break or your hairs are going to be grey soon". She tightened her ponytail while still looking at her reflection.

Louis sighed as he was worried not for himself but for her. He was frustrated with her behaviour. He never thought, a day will come when he will witness Sia being so cold and emotionless like this. He decided to let it all out even knowing this whole talk is going to go nowhere,

"These days,I think I am going to die of frustration! Do you not get it?!... I am worried about you!"

Sia was checking her perfectly black nail poslished nails this time pretending to be all bored when she just wanted to ignore this topic.

Not getting a response from her frustrated him even more so he decided to make her understand what she did,

"George is a powerful man Sia. You can't go around making enemies like this". He wanted to make her understand that her enemies are increasing day by day. He was afraid a day will come when all the who despise her will square up against her. It was a time when she was supposed to not make enemies at all.

His pep talk finally managed to get a response out of her. She turned towards him, her face now facing him, " Then what do you suggest I should have done?!" She raised her left eyebrow and smirked, " Should I have gone with him to the room upstairs to have some fun as he called it" She looked directly in Louis's eyes and noticed his angry expressions.

Louis hands involuntarily clenched into fists. The thought of her going to another man made him furious but then he unclenched his fists knowing he had lost her already.

It took a moment for him to turn his expressions back to calm and composed but that second was enough for Sia to know everythinh she needed to know. She was still looking in his eyes. She folded her arms on her chest.

Louis was also refusing to back down from this eye contact competition,

"No I never said it! But you shouldn't get violent like this.... It's not going to end good one day...You should have refused him politely or just have excused yourself". He was still trying to make her admit to her mistake, trying to make sure that she doesn't act like this atleast for the next time. He just wanted her to get used to this world. But he was the one who was making a mistake again.

When she didn't reply, he tried to further push her buttons noting her expressions that were still blank. Her not replying him also meant that she just wanted to listen whatever he had to say,

"You are the CEO of this corporation.... You have enough enemies who want to kill you and some of them even want to make your life worse then death.... You shouldn't go around making more enemies..."

"Is that all?!" Nope, not even a hint of expression, still the poker face and those dull eyes that could pierce through anyone's soul.

Louis was getting emotional, he just wanted to raise his hand and caress her face just for once but he knew he can't do it. So he took refuge in words, "You were not like this before Sia. We all went through that... We all are hurting.... If John and Emily were still here you wouldn't be acting like this. Please don't be self-destructive. Seeing you like this is hurting me as well..."

Sia suddenly unfolded her arms still looking at his eyes that screamed hurt. Louis who was looking in Sia's eyes noticed the burning anger. She hissed, " But they are not here, are they?! I can't care less whether you are hurt or not!!... Did you care when he was touching me?!" Her eyes went back to her normal emotionless voids, " Don't worry about me! You should worry about yourself".

Louis couldn't keep eye contact with her anymore. He looked down pinching the bridge of his nose trying to calm his nerves down, telling himself that it was not good to be emotional. He knew he made a mistake mentioning John and Emily so he tried to change the topic and talk about something that was more important and relevant,

"Alright then! What about the deal we were going to make with X corporation?"

He looked at his watch to see what time it was while Sia turned around again, her back facing him, "George was supposed to come here at 10 a.m for a meeting today!... It's already 9:55 a.m but I don't think he will come now and we are going to lose lots of money..."

"We won't lose anything. He is going to come" Sia replied nonchalantly shaking her hand that was the signal that its the end of the conversation which was an argument to Louis.

"Yeah we will see!". Louis remarked sarcastically internally admiting his defeat in the argument, they had just now. He knew he can't win over her but he still always wanted to try.

He doubted that George will come with his proffessional team for the meeting but, he also knew if Sia has said something than she must have something in her mind already.

The elevator stopped with a ding sound just as they stopped talking, indicating that they had reached the top floor.

It was a posh floor, a beautiful combination of black and gold. A chandelier was hanging by the ceiling just as you step out of the elevator. Just below the chandelier there were black posh sofa set with a beautiful golden table in the center.

On the top floor of this tall building there was only Sia's office and the conference room for special meetings.

This floor had door size windows instead of walls. From here people were able to see the whole city, an ecstatic view it used to be for Sia, but not anymore.

Sia and Louis stepped out of the elevator walking straight when Sia suddenly stopped by a window, from where she used to love admiring the view of the beautiful city.

Looking outside for a second, she felt herself getting drowned in the endless pit of memories but then she shook all of them out of her head. It was of no use to waste time on pointless memories. It was better to focus on reality.

Louis was looking at her change of expressions, the dreamy look in her eyes that just flashed for a second gave him the picture of what she might be thinking as he knew the reason behind it as well. But he couldn't do anything. It was not in his hands anymore. You can't change past.

Sia again started walking and passed by her office which was also made of glass but it was black glass which made it look like a wall. Louis shortly followed behind.

They finally stopped in front of the conference room's door. Sia opened the door and stepped in.

Louis thought there will only their only employs in the room waiting hopelessly for George and his director as it was already 10 a.m. He didn't even look around at the people present in the conference room and exclaimed overconfidently, "See I told you!... He won't come!" Triumph expressions crossing his face when he heard Sia.

"Good morning Mr. George!" Sia greeted the person sitting right in front of her without any hint of emotion in her.

His nose was bandaged. His hands were on the table clasped together. He was looking at her like he wanted to strangle her right there. He didn't even bother to greet her back.

It was not like she was affected at all by the hate in his eyes. She started towards her usual CEO seat ignoring all his hateful glances and every other person present in that room.

She sat down and looked at the person who was frozen at the same spot looking at George confusedly.

"Sit down, Director Louis Corner!.. We don't have all day!". Amusement was clearly present in Sia's tone. Which almost triggered Louis.

Louis quickly closed his hanging jaw and sat down on his usual spot not forgetting to look at Sia silently having a look in his eyes that screamed "You are unbelievable!"

Sia looked at him with a look that said, "See, I told ya...!" and placed her hands on the table clapsing them together mimicking George's pose.

She then shifted her attention to George who was still busy trying to drill holes in Sia's head with his piercing eyes. If looks could kill Sia would have been dead already.

The hate in his eyes was amusing to Sia. She got an evil idea looking at George's expressions that were not changing at all. Everyone in the room was looking at them awkwardly, while they were busy in the staring contest.

"So Mr. George I noticed your nose seems quite injured, broken maybe. What happened?! Did you have an accident?" She faked worry while hiding her signature smirk. She asked the question everyone wanted and answer to....






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