Louis after hearing what Jack said, looked at Sia giving her the look she was all familiar with. Then he pushed past Jack not forgetting to bump his shoulder and went out of her office.

Sia looked Jack for a while noticing his eyes that never wavered from her's even once and sighed, "Let's go" Sia gestured through her hand.

Jack got out of the way and stood at the side. Sia knowing that he will walk behind her as always stepped forth going towards the elevator. She stepped inside the elevator and Jack came shortly after. He pressed the Top button on the elevator, as they were going to the terace.

Jack was looking at Sia from the corner of his eyes, noticing that she was lost in her thoughts.

She was thinking about all the possible reasons that made him call her, but she couldn't think of anything specific.

The elevator dinged and Jack stepped out, snapping Sia out of her thoughts. She looked up at Jack who was waiting for her to walk out. She raised her head and walked past Jack towards the helicopter, that was parked in the helicopter hangar.

She stepped inside the helicopter and buckled up. Jack sat at the front with pilot.

He turned around and glanced at Sia to know, if they were good to leave. Sia didn't respond to his questioning gaze and instead looked outside.

Jack was one of the people she didn't want to have anything to do with. But keeping him as her bodyguard was not her choice anymore, because she was just a doll getting her strings pulled by someone else. She always felt trapped in her own body. She shrugged all the negative thought from her mind knowing that they will do her no good.

They have been flying in the helicopter for almost an hour now. Sia was relaxed back in her seat, when she noticed the familiar sight.

An island in the middle of the ocean. It was a beautiful green Island and there was a single mansion which was more like a castle, standing all alone just like him, Sia thought.

The mansion was built skillfully giving the hint that whoever owned it, didn't leave any imperfections. It almost seemed like a castle coming out of a fairy tale.

The helicopter landed indicating to Sia, that it was time to step down. Jack got down first and opened the door for her. She unbuckled and stepped down steadily, inhaling the fresh air with a mixed salty smell of ocean. It was overpowering. She placed the hairs back behind her ears that came up on her face, due to the strong wind.

She walked for a while and was right infront of that marvelous mansion. There were guards everywhere which was a sign, that whoever lived here was important and powerful.

Anyone would have stopped for a while to take in this ecstatic view, but she didn't want to admire it. She took a deep breah preparing herself and went inside.

A butler told her, that HE was waiting for her in the west garden and left as he knew she was familiar with the way around here. She passed the living room going towards corridor.

The mansion was so huge that anyone not knowing their way around, could easily get lost.

She was once again noticing the expensive paintings hanged on the walls of the corridor, having a sense of deja vu wash over her.

The paintings indicated the great taste of the person who owned them. All those paintings could make anyone fascinated. HE had a great love for art.

She was finally outside the door that led to the west garden. She raised her hand and slided the glass door open. Stepping outside, she took in the setting sun. The sky was filled with different colours. It almost felt like a painting.

Her eyes roamed around and stopped at the lone person standing at the corner of the garden which gave a perfect view of the ocean as well.

He was drinking wine and looking at the sunset. He was also looking a part of the painting with setting sun on the ocean making it look like the ocean was eating the sun up and he was bidding his last goodbye to the dying sun.

She sighed to get out all the useless thoughts out of her mind and started approaching him.

When he sensed someone coming towards him, he turned around and looked at her. Sia stopped walking just as he turned around taking in the profile of the person standing in front of her.

He was a man of great beauty. He could pull anyone in with his dazzling brown hair, a straight pointed nose, plump lips and a sharp jawline and his brown EYES. He seemed perfect and etheral, THE invincible.

But Sia knew better than to be pulled in by his beauty. He was a man of few words but whenever he spoke everyone listened to him.

Everyone used to say his eyes were mesmerizing, yes that was true his eyes could drown anyone, suffocating them slowly pulling even the last breath out of them. But only Sia could see the underlying coldness in his eyes. She knew better than to drown in his eyes.

He was just like this mansion beautiful and captivating outside, but once you step inside you could get lost and find the hideous of secrets. The secrets no one should find out. The secrets that if you find out once, you will never be able to leave from here. He won't let you go.

"Are you going to keep staring at me like this, dear wife?". He tilted his head to the side and smirked. His one hand was holding the glass and the other one was tracing the outline of the glass slowly, making Sia lose her focus.

Yes, he was the man who could manipulate her well with just his small gestures. He was the man she was supposed to spend her life with. He was the man she was bound to, unwillingly. He was her husband, Hardin Black. The most feared man and billionaire.....A complete mystery....




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