My heart beat was fast, drumming in my ears.

Dear heart what's wrong with you Don't act like this please. I looked down where my heart is and then looked up making weird faces, not knowing that Hardin was trying to stop himself from laughing at my overdramatic acts.

It was an hour ride. We finally landed at some mansion's helicopter hangar. Hardin stepped out and turned towards me raising his hand for me to take. I looked at his hand and then his waiting face.

Huhh!! Does he think, I can't get down on my own!

So much for being a gentleman, I rolled my eyes stepping down on my own. I always embarass myself like this, when I stepped down I tripped again. This time Hardin held me up, by my arms. I wanted the Earth to split up and swallow me whole. I embarassingly looked up at him who was smirking at me. I looked down and sighed, not again!

Why does this happen to me always! I wanted so bad to dig a whole and stay there forever.

" Do you like being in my arms that much, that you keep falling?!" Here he goes again. I hate him. I retracted my hand that was placed on his hard chest and composed my self. He was clearly amused.

He forcely took my arm and wrapped it around his and started walking.

We were walking down the way, when I suddenly remembered that, I didn't even ask him, who's party it was. I turned around my head to look at his side profile, " Who is the host tonight, Hardin?!"

He didn't even spare me a glance and kept walking. I guess he is not going to answer. I looked straight ahead and noticed people that were standing a few feets away. Even from here, I could see that they were shocked and were talking among themselves in hushed tones, glancing at us from time to time.

It's going to be a long night, I was mentally preparing myself for this scandulous night, "George Wingston of X corporation is the host of party tonight ". His tone was neutral.

"Ok" I didn't pay attention to what he said but a moment later his words registered in my mind and something clicked. I turned my head so fast towards him, that I almost snapped my neck. I was shocked hearing this.

"What, what did you just say?".I squinted my eyes and almost screamed at him while his face was calm as ocean, "You heard me already. Don't pretend to be deaf now". This is not good. This is soo not going. I was shaking my head.

This freaking fidgety bapidi boo, what is he trying to do. I squinted my eyes suspiciously at his side profile again. When it clicked in my head. That rat Jack, I wanted to strangle him. Jack definitely informed Hardin about what happened between me and George. I was doubtful that night, that someone was watching me and George, so I left in a rush. How can I forget that lap dog, Jack.

I was getting impatient to know, what Hardin really wanted to do now. I looked down an sneered , "You know what happened between us, don't you?". Sometimes, I just want to kill myself due to this frustration, that I feel with Hardin. That must be all the people around me feeling as well, I guess. Stupid brain and conscience should keep quite.

We were near the crowd of people, he didn't turn his head towards me, but agreed, " Ofcourse, I know everything!... I know everything you do and everything that happens to you sweetheart!" He and his nicknames. What is left to call me now? 'sugarplum'! I laughed internally, despite the tense situation. Yeah! My brain definitely needs to shup up.

I suspected people might hear us, so I whispered, "Then, just why are we here Hardin. Are you here to show me off as yours, like some trophy?". That was honestly what I felt due to his possessiveness. I was not accusing him, I was just curious.

He turned his face towards me, anger burning in his eyes, "I am not here to show you off!....I am here to make sure that people know that they shouldn't ever touch someone, who belongs to me.". His voice was dangerously low sending shivers down my spine. A hint of vengeanance in his eyes.

I was afraid that he is going to do something horrible. He was going to ruin it all, " Don't do whatever, you are thinking about Hardin" My face was stone hard this time, no funny thoughts, my eyes burning with the same vengeanance, but our reasons were different. The fire in our eyes was the same, but the fuel of the fire were different. I can't let him ruin everything this time, "Yo--mmmmhhhhhngh"

I was going to warn him to not do anything, when I felt a pair of hot lips on my cold one's. My eyes were wide with shock, I looked at all the people from the corner of my eyes who were more shocked than me, looking at us. I ended up closing my eyes, embarassed. I wanted to push him away but, his hold was too strong.

Just as I closed my eyes, he slided his left hand up my bare back, sending shivers down my spine and tangled his right hand in my hairs deepening the kiss. His lips were glued to mine unmoving, but he slowly sucked my lower lip pulling it between his teeths and stepped back looking at my flushed face and closed eyes.

While he kissed me, I almost forgot that people were watching us. I just wanted to feel his lips against mine. Which was so wrong. It was not supposed to be like this.

When I opened my eyes, I came face to face with his expressional face. There was nothing in his eyes. It meant nothing to him as always. It was just a stunt pulled by him, to show the world that I belonged to him, as he called it many times in the past.

I suddenly remembered about the crowd and looked at that direction, noticing people looking at us trying to be less obvious.

I looked back at him, now anger taking over me and my voice shaking, " Wha-What did you do?!" My voice was low, if one could hear closely they can even get a little hint of hidden hurt.

I was hurt and as always I was covering it up with anger. He was my husband, I knew that, but people didn't. People wouldn't believe even if I say he was my boyfriend, because he didn't do serious relationships. He was the person who used to spend just one night with a woman. I still don't get it, why he won't let me go.

I was not one to give explanations to anyone, but I didn't want anyone to call me a whore. People did it often telling me, that I must have slept with lots of people, to be where I am today just because I am a woman. Just because I was a woman they thought, I was incompetent and incapable of handling such a huge corporation on my own.

They are going to add Hardin into the list of people, which I am assumed to be sleeping with to gain projects , alliances and he knew it well.

He is the only person I don't want my name and character to be trashed with.

I hate feeling like this. I was feeling miserable, overthinking clouding my mind and judgement.

Whenever I was with him, I always felt a heavy weight on my heart. I always felt like, something was crushing my heart constantly, making it hard to breath.

Maybe he is just punishing me for the decisions I have made in the past. Maybe he is still just taking revenge on me. I felt insecurities gripping my mind again, but from outside I looked just as cold and detached as I always looked.....




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Maybe she left him in the past?
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??? you lost you innocence???

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