I was walking towards the elevator, while everyone was greeting me. I was ignoring all of them as always and was just heading straight, the same stoic expressions present on my face.

I was supposed to go to the meeting room, where all the directors, shareholders and investors were waiting for me patiently.

What am I doing here, when I took 3 days off, you all must be thinking.

After that little moment with Mrs. De'souza, I went to my room to lock myself up, like I always did, when I wanted to hide from the world. My right hand instantly went to the only thing that could comfort me me at a like this, to the place where my heart pendant was supposed to be.

But there was no pendant around my neck. I again remembered painfully, that I lost my precious heart pendant. That was the only thing I had on me, when I was left at the orphanage. I guess I was bound to lose ever
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