My booming laugh cracked the tense silence, that spread after Mr Holmes's demand. I wiped the tears that filled my eyes, because of laughing so hard. Everyone was looking at me, like I am crazy. I gasped dramatically, placing a hand on my heart, " You want me to resign? "

I couldn't control it and ended up laughing again. It was so funny to me. After calming myself down a little, I mocked Mr. Holmes, "And why would I do that?" Amusement was dancing in my eyes.

Mr. Holmes looked at me with suspiscious, enraged eyes, " Look Sia Martin! If you won't give up your position then, this corporatiom will be no more " He placed his hands on the desk, clasping them together, while leaning a little on the desk, trying to look intimidating. He was acting like he was dealing with a kid and that kid in his eyes, was apparently me.

His behaviour was amusing to me. I raised my left eyebrow and mimick
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