"Mr. Holmes, you should stop talking now!" Harry interrupted for the first time in a calm tone. But we were his friends, we could notice the underlying warning in his eyes.

It was his speciality, he was calm in all situations. It was impossible to disturb his peace of mind but you could always get a hint of his true emotions, in his eyes.

But when it came down to that final point of patience, he was the scariest of us all. We all had saw the results of pestering him too much in the past. He was the silent predator, always observing people knowing everything about them and striking when least expected. He was dangerous because he did everything, unexpected.

After hearing, what Mr. Holmes was accusing me off, I went silent and didn't reply. I was looking at him blankly, with my hands placed on the desk.

Everyone was uneasy, except me who was feeling numb. I always felt nu
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