I was walking straight to the door without looking back, even if I wanted to steal just a glance, but I knew if I looked back I won't be able to run away so easily. Just like, Lot's wife looked back and was turned into a block of salt.

I was at the door just about to grab the handle, when I heard Mr Holmes address me once again,

"If you haven't done anything to them" I turned sharply around to look at him. He wanted to tear me to pieces and then rub salt in the cracks. If that was what he wanted, then that is what he will get. He looked at my sharp expressions but still continued,

"Then you surely know what happened to them. But the real question is" He rubbed his chin imitiating confused expressions, while the mischief was sparkling in his eyes, he added, "Why are you not doing anything?!".

I kept looking at him while clenching and unclenching my hands in a fist. I wanted to s
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