Sia avoided looking at Hardin after the heated, passionate kiss and he too seemed to avoid her eyes. They had been sitting in sexually awkward silence for almost 5 minutes now, not moving an inch.

Sia finally broke out of her trance and decided that it was time to go inside before she lose the grip on her sane mind and dwell on the past feelings.

She sighed heavily and reluctuntaly opened her side of door, stepping outside in the night and not looking back at Hardin.

Her clothes were still sticking to her skin a little and she shivered a little in the night, because she had dropped Hardin's coat unconsciously during there heated session. Her cheeks heated up at the thought and she shooked her head.

She started walking towards her house and hurriedly stepped inside breathing heavily. She crossed the empty corridors and opened the door of her room. She
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???? be gentle Hardin??

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