The atmosphere was thick with dangerous tension and worry falling over every individual, present in the living room. The clock was ticking, disturbing the silence that was making everyone nervous. Sia was glaring down at William, with rage burning in her eyes," What are you thinking about?!" Sia hissed in a low voice, sending shivers of fear down William's spine.

He needed to take steady steps to make sure that he didn't make any mistake. So he kept his silence, thinking everything through, which made Sia feel agitated, so she leaned a little closer to William and fumed, " Tell me already! What do you think I should do to you, traitor?!" Her voice was low while everyone looked at her scary self appearing once again.

Louis rubbed his hands together, taking a look around at everyone. He sighed when his eyes stopped at Sia. It was so unusual. What Sia hated the most in th
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