Everyone was curious to know, who made William do all of this. William cleared his throat, disturbing the peace in everyone's mind and gazed up at everyone hesitantly, before exposing the one, who was responsinle for this disaster, " The CEO of SM corporation Mr. Henry Clinton, asked me to do this!"

William dropped the bomb on everyone, but no one was surprised at this revelation, that the CEO of JESHLL's rival company, was the one creating this disturbance.

No one spoke anything just yet as they wanted a complete explanation from William, about how everything happened. William took a deep breath and started again, " A few day ago when I was returning to home from office, his men blocked my way and hit me with something on my head. I fell unconscious! When I woke up, he was in front of me. He asked me to mess up the..... pro...project. I said I won't do it and he told me, that m
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